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The 18 Laws of Training.

Corden Tennis Academy tends to incorporate the FIDORS components of training alongside the components of fitness; Stamina, Strength, Suppleness & Speed.

However a variant of this foundation of training & fitness can be accentuated by the lessons learnt from Arthur Newton the great athlete & coach of the early twentieth century. Also can lean on the superior Timothy Noakes the South African scientist and emeritus professor of Exercise science and Sports Medicine of Cape Town University. Am also add some laws from myself within the Tennis & adventure sport realm!

1. Train frequently, all year round

2. Start gradually and train gently, always be careful so as to prevent injury.

3. Train first for stamina, later for speed.

4. Be flexible about your daily training schedule learn to sense the inner you train when your best performance can be nurtured.

5. Combine hard & easy training

6. Try to achieve as much as possible on a minimum of training

7. Be specific. Like the last FIDORS component s for specificity

8. Combine base training & peaking be a warrior & a ponderer

9. Mentally set out that it’s your time, all the time

10. Never overtrain

11. Get plenty of sleep

12. Become proficient at understanding nutrition be a self contained vessel.

13. Train with a coach, I would naturally say this but it’s true.

14. Train the mind, visualise every day your best outcome.

15. Rest when ever you can have your relax time.

16. Keep a journal

17. Understand the holistic approach to training.

18. Wake up early always be prepared.