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10 Players Subscription Armbeep

10 Players Subscription Armbeep

Armbeep data analytics system is developed by a team of sports professionals, psychologists, medical doctors and Tennis coaches who understand the complexity of the Tennis game. Mastering this skill separates champions from second-tier players. Armbeep delivers an affordable portable motion analysis device that allows players and their coaches to master the art of Tennis with game-based coaching


Armbeep Tennis Partner

Corden Tennis & Performance has been appointed an Armbeep Distributor for the Philippines & the Asia Region.

Armbeep is the Best Tennis Analytic System, providing superior tennis player performance to keep the player winning. Armbeep Tennis Analytic system is designed by Tennis Professionals & Coaches.

Armbeep data analytics system is developed by a team of sports professionals, psychologists, medical doctors and Tennis coaches who understand the complexity of the Tennis game.

The delivery platform is an affordable portable motion analysis device that allows players and their coaches to master the art of Tennis with game-based coaching.

Key benefits

1. Optimise player workload and work/rest ratio.

2. Monitor total and active playing time.

3. Track the number, type and quality of shots.

4. Analyse rally length and game impact.

5. Balance training and recovery times.

6. Overlay matches scores with player performance

7. Aggregate practice, tournament and season stats

8. See the big picture of your players performance.

The Agreement protocol is that customers will buy directly through through the pay pal link as an official appointed leader distributor.

Asea Redox Signaling molecules.

Corden Performance Academy is now an official Associate of Asea

A patented redox signaling technology that boosts the body’s natural cellular renewal and communication as well as signals the activation of genetic pathways, improving total body health and allowing every system of the body to function better.

Asea also increases the production of glutathione in cells. Glutathione is found in every cell of the body. Is commonly referred to as the master antioxidant or the mother of all antioxidants. All health problems can be linked to damaged cells & Asea creates natural antioxidants. Asea is produced from pharmaceutical grade salt (NACI) and ultra pure distilled water. Furthermore undergoes a 3 say multi electro chemical process and production parameters of natural PH (735)

Corden Performance Academy will assist the Asea team as in the picture above & the leadership in rolling out this miraculous redox Signaling technology/product in Asia.


TruSpine Technologies is in the final stages of development and preparing
a market launch, including an Asian launch, of a spinal stabilization system
which is pioneering in design and markedly different in its strategy and
approach to stabilization. It will be the first “anatomic preservation,”
system to be introduced, distinguishing itself in terms of its ability to
stabilize the spine, provide the surgeon with the ability to distract or
compress while not altering the anatomy in any way. Even less than
“Minimally invasive,” this system is considered “minimally intrusive.” This
system will significantly reduce the complications associated with spinal
stabilization by eliminating the need for pedicle screws, and all their
incumbent complications. It will reduce the amount of intraoperative
radiation exposure to a fraction of that needed for pedicle screw placement,
especially using MIS techniques. We anticipate that it will also substantially
reduce the incidence of deep bone infections by virtue of the fact that the
cortical surface of the vertebrae need not be breached.
Both lumbar / lower thoracic and cervical / upper thoracic iterations are
being developed. We invite you to be at the head of this revolutionary
column of progress in spinal technology.

Corden Performance Academy work with only a few health care companies with superior technology for enhancing wellness in athletic performance. Truspine,Armbeep and most prominent Asea with their redox signaling technology.

Asea, Redox Signaling.

” if the body be feeble, the mind will not be strong.”

-Thomas Jefferson.

The most performance focused successful individuals have daily practices & habits to which are the catalyst to their success. Add; Asea to your daily ritual & the quality of your wellness & vitality will improve.

Corden Performance Academy are in the process of becoming an Asea Associate. This miraculous redox signaling supplement will become a superior wellness & performance addition to our performance portfolio. Enhancing our students & patrons well being & athletic performance.

Asea is formulated from pure salt and distilled water. Travelling through a patented 3 day electrolysis process which creates a stabilized and balanced grouping of 16 redox molecules. This is the World’s first & only redox signaling supplement.

  1. Anti-Aging benefits
  2. Promotes healing and restoration of cells.
  3. Preservation of healthy cells
  4. Powers cellular protection
  5. Athletic improvement
  6. Antioxidant empowerment
  7. Builds the cell defence
  8. Optimize immune system function
  9. Speeds restoration of healthy tissue
  10. Empowers your health.

Nusantara Rugby & Cricket Club

Is interesting when as a performance tennis coach you work within other sports in which you are an outsider with no formal training.

However performance coaching is performance coaching and their is much to be said to follow the same protocols and be consistent.

Visualising success ( PETTLEP: Physical, environment, task, timing, learning, emotion, perspective) Is a major focus at Corden Tennis Academy but it also had its place in Rugby especially within setting goals, including process goals, performance goals and outcome goals.

Furthermore the 10,000 hours of practice framework, in your steps to mastery always takes precedence.

Professional Tennis Registry is coming to Indonesia. Performance Level 1 – Sept, 2-4 2018

Corden Tennis Academy are organising a performance Level 1 in Jakarta Indonesia from 2-4 September 2018. The workshop lasts 3 days. This is a unique workshop enabling participants to be on the empowering & dynamic performance coaching pathway. Included is membership of the Professional Tennis Registry until Dec 2019.