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Live with purpose, on purpose. Every day.

Own the moment

“If the body be feeble, the mind will not be strong.”

⁃ Thomas Jefferson

Running/swimming in all their forms are in essence, free lifestyle sports, especially when you venture into the mountains, seas & lakes. You can literally “go anywhere, anytime” long as you have the basic kit and the appetite for adventure.

For the more adventurous trail running/sky running & open water swimming are difficult to emulate, furthermore providing the backdrop of nature, in all its magnificent glory, immersing yourself in the open water or mountains/trails; is thrilling.

It reminds of the verse from Ecclesiastes 9-13.

“ I know that their is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live to find satisfaction in all their toil” – this is the Gift of God.

The Mountains, Seas & lakes are a gift. I urge all my students, coaches, teams, schools & parents; to delve into them, to pursue, overtake & recover all.

Lt. Col Iain Corden-Lloyd OBE, MC. KIA, 40th year Anniversary ‘Swift and Bold.’

17 th February 1978, marks the 40 th anniversary of my late father Col Iain Corden-Lloyd untimely death, killed in action in Northern Ireland whilst commanding the 2 nd battalion Royal Green Jackets on operations.

I wanted to send a big thank you to his loyal & beloved Riflemen who have arranged a special gathering today at the cemetery in Winchester where he lays to rest.

I did not have much time with him but his leadership, energy and compassion for his Soldiers truly moved me as a young boy. That awesome dynamic magnetism that shone through him. He was a magnificent Commander, soldier, man of action & leader of men. Greatly missed by me and my family and off course his Riflemen who would of followed him anywhere.

” Make the days count, be brave and Bold” he told me while I was perched on his desk at Regimental HQ in Gibraltar, words I have never forgotten and echo daily.

JCL Global Sports are proud to be an official sales ambassador to IGO Adventures. The spirit of adventure and sport is at the heart of our agenda, to offer adventure travel through an esteemed company like IGO Adventures, the readiness is all.

Focus on What You Can Control

At the start of any sports event, is crucial to focus on the areas you have control, ‘don’t focus on what you fear, focus on where you want to go.’ live in the moment, visualise for your best outcome; see it before you do it.

Big question is ask yourself are you prepared to give whatever it takes to win or just what your prepared to take? Then you make the physical and psychological plan.


Coaching in all forms has multiple benefits, fitness, health, tangible outcomes, enjoyment, remuneration, success, winning, values, building character, self satisfaction.

The more one coaches, the realisation is that less is needed for physical preparation of an athlete but more for inspiration and support. Furthermore to provide an objective view point when the athlete is doing too much! Practical judgement that the athlete has had exactly enough training is key for a coach in all sports. This is also indicative for training racehorses knowing when to ease up their training.

Marti Liquori” the athletes that truly make it are mentally some of the toughest people in the world. No one is born with that kind of toughness, and it doesn’t come overnight. You must develop it, cultivate it, Cherish it!

Rugby Indonesia

JCL Global Sports has partnered with Taman Olahraga Pancawati International ( TOPI) for the development of Rugby & Cricket in IndonesiaPrimary objective for first phase is arrange for International Coaches. Rugby can instil Character, resilience, discipline & respect. Indonesia with a population at 265,573, 006 million is a new frontier for Rugby, the scouting for talent opportunities are immense.